PBC Consultancy & Management Services Inc.

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Prestige Business Consultancy & Management Services Inc.   PBC is a conglomerate of Business (System, Data & Database) Consultants, Architects, Analysts & Administrators.  Business (Programmes, Project & Support) Consultants, Managers & Officers.  Business (Web & Content Management) Architect, Designers & Developers.  Deployment (Lan,Wan & Man Network Systems) Administrators Engineers & Contractors and Business (Sales Solutions) Consultants, Managers, Executives & Advisers coming together to provide Home Private & Public Global Virtual Office Services to the SOHO, SME & CORP businesses.  Our joint vast experience is second to none in the industry!!

Prestige Business Consultancy & Management Services Inc.   PBC business ethos is in providing consultation blueprint(s) design & deployment solutions for global virtual businesses.  Our aim is to use technologies for sole and/or joint SOHO, SME & CORP network, marketing, services ventures and business enterprise solutions.  As a consultancy firm, we also design and provide hosting for all types of SOHO and SME ventures at reduced cost.  Likewise, all bespoke websites designed by us are uploaded to a fully-functional “Webserver” that is easily managed by "you".   Alternatively, we provide reasonably priced after-sales service support packages (SSP) to suit all budgets.  Therefore, making sure your business functions all year round!!